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Color cream with sweet almond oil. Perm, semi-permanent, toning, full coverage. Permanent, semi-permanent, toning, total coverage. What to expect from a hair coloring ? A long-lasting color and bright, but also a "SOFT" action, so that the hair is not stressed out, do not dry up and stays soft and shiny. All colors already have a natural base. Do not worry if during the treatment time, the color take a dark look. After washing, in fact, will return to the desired shade. However, it is important to remember not to rinse the hair before the treatment time and always make uniform the basis of application, specifically in small areas.

Complete range with 74 nuances.

The tube quantity is 100ml.


Albicocca - vitaminic

Aloe Vera - emollient

Argan - restructuring

Ghiaccio - refreshing

Miele - energizing

Mela Verde - anti-frizz

Pompelmo - silky

Semi di lino - nourishing

Banana - smoothing

Mandorla - nourishing

Lavanda - cleansing

Package of 1.000 ml

Herbes balsamo- Combats the negative effect of chemical treatment on the hair structure, closing the dilated scales and the excessive porosity, restoring them to the natural conditions and protecting them against the split ends.

Package: fl. 1.000ml


Nettoyage deep cleansing Shampoo

Deep cleansing shampoo for through cleaning of hair.

Couleur Shampoo to color protection

Gently cleanses, protects and give brightens, keeping the hair color bright and intense over the time.

Réparateur Shampoo for hair exploited

Nourishing shampoo for damaged and dry hair also to the touch.

Shampoo professional argan

For normal hair, with argan oil. Ideal for frequent washing.

Package: fl.1000ml

Neutral shampoo

The neutral shampoo gently cleans the hair leaving it soft and silky, without residues. The isodermico PH and the specific formulation makes it ideal for frequent use. It is suitable for each type of hair.

Package: 10kg canister

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